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Which had the most contributions in the modern world?

Ancient Rome

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Ancient Egypt

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Ancient Rome, without question. The Roman Empire's roots were largely in Ancient Rome, and the Roman Empire covered a massive area at its high point. The cultural effects alone are enormous- affecting all of Europe in some ways, and by extension affecting the US before it was even formed.

Ancient Rome and later the Roman Empire also had many notable contributions to science. And despite Latin being essentially a dead language, it's used heavily in science. Infrastructure as well; the roman roads set a standard for many others to follow- and don't forget plumbing.

Ancient Egypt has had few contributions, by comparison. This isn't to say that they haven't contributed, but Egypt just never had the reach or influence that the Roman Empire did.

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They invented Roman Numerals. If we didn't have Roman Numerals we couldn't have all the Rocky movies, or Suberbowls.

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