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Which has a higher GDP, China or the U.S.A.

You may think the answer is obvios, China's is 7 trillion, The U.S.'s is 15 trillion. However China is a comunist state, and is more likely to keep more of it's GDP hidden. Which is higher?


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The U.S.A is really the poorest country in the world, it's debt is twice it's GDP, which is $30 trillion.

However, it is unlikely they will ever pay their debt anyway.

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This isn't a debate, it has one clear answer that can't be disputed. It's a question with an answer.

That's not to say it'll never change, but the way the question is worded theirs only one answer, no room for debate.

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izazovnog(322) Clarified
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It's unlikely both countries will have all their imformation of wealth revealed, so that is what the debate is about, which in your opinion is richer.

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Quocalimar(6468) Clarified
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So it's more like a which do you think? On that basis I'm inclined to think America. If it's true that both countries are hiding something, with the fact that America is revealing such a high number, it can only be hiding more. Making the already large number larger. Versus whatever China is hiding making their number higher also, but still lower if they are hiding approximately as much as America is.

Though I see the room for debate, with it put that way, because you can never know if it isn't revealed, and a lot of products do come from China, indicating they are constantly making money.

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I will say the USA because of our capitalism and of our economic structure.

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