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Google Nexus Kindle Fire HD
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Which is better, Google Nexus or Kindle Fire HD?

Which is better, Google Nexus or Kindle Fire HD?

Google Nexus

Side Score: 9

Kindle Fire HD

Side Score: 2
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I have'nt had a chance to play with either yet but if I was buying on the basis of the research I have done so far I would go with the Nexus and download the Kindle App

Side: Google Nexus

The Kindle Fire is locked down tight. Try buying apps for it at the Android store. ;)

Side: Google Nexus

Anything Google produces or associated with is always a good product. Fire HD has so many limitations.

Side: Google Nexus
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That was the thing I did'nt like it's the same idea as the ipad your locked in with Amazon

Side: Google Nexus

There will come a point where Google will lock your ass in ;)

Side: Google Nexus
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I think, Google Nexus is better. Google is a world-wide and popular company; and I expect its product being a better one.

Side: Google Nexus

Kindle Fire because of its high pixel resolution and the May Day feature.

Side: Kindle Fire HD