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Which is better Mcdonald's Fries or Burger King Fries


Mcdonald's Fries

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Burger King Fries

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Burger King fries leave a weird after-taste in your mouth, while McDonald's fries do not. Also, I still believe that Burger King fries are fried in chicken fat, which is both unhealthy and disgusting. McDonald's fries are not. Since both are fast food, i prefer neither. But if I had to choose, it would definitely be McDonald's. They have even come to bring in more healthy choices on their menu, while there aren't any improvements for the BK Lounge (from what I hear from commercials, all they care about is the Whopper). McDonald's always seems to just be...better.

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However great the BK Whopper may be ... their french fries taste like cardboard. Which is why I have to lean on the crisp and unhealthily delicious Mickie D's fries!

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I don't like thick French Fries - KFC, Wendy's, etc. - so I doubt I'd like Burger King's.

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McDonald's has the best fries. I just like going there to order a large amount of french fries.

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burger kings fries is DA BEST mcdonalds dnt even put salt on dey fries and dey b all cold and jus plain flat out nasty

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