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Which is better all around?


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Facebook has applications that are fun to use and run faster and more efficiently than the ones that Myspace just came out with. Also on Facebook you can make an organized group where you and people who share the same interest can join and just do whatever. And when finding a friend on Facebook, it automatically organizes the people with that name in order of distance to your location and other factors whereas Myspace just shows friends in some jumbled up order with no real algorithm guiding it.

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I like myspace, because its pretty simple and organized. But face book is much more complex and provides way more stuff than myspace.

Plus it shows the user what their friends were doing and you can instantly join what they are talking about with one click.

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Facebook provides great features, for example, the toolbar that shows whose online and has shortcuts for applications. It also notifies what happened when the user was offline or playing with the applications.

Facebook is a great social networking site to chat, message, or comment friends, play with the applications, and many more.

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FaceBook because you can leave a webcam video instead of typing something in. I wish we could do the same on CD but I don't think they have hard drive capacity for such a thing.

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I have a Facebook account and not a Myspace account, so I may be a bit biased. I've snooped around a bit on Myspace (open accounts and my sister has a Myspace account that she showed me some stuff on once) and it wasn't nearly as nice (in my opinion). I like that Facebook controls (to a certain extent) the content that can be on your page. Some of the Myspace pages I've seen were illegible because of the background or fonts or layout. Yeah, it's nice to be able to design your own page, but what one person thinks looks nice might be really hard for another person to read.

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Because I already have it (and never look at it) and I don't have to go through the whole signing up ordeal over again.

But I've heard facebook works better.

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Simply because myspace is losing so badly right now I feel sorry for Tom so I'm putting a debate on this side. (;

Side: Myspace