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Which is 'better' gay/lesbian or bi?

Just what you think, but please don't hate on both


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People shouldn't be judged by if they are gay or lesbian or bi. they should be judged by their characteristics.

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I agree niether is better in general! a sexual orientation doesn't make anyone better.

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I don't think either is better, but I think it's easier to be gay/lesbian. That way, you don't have to be questioning you orientation every 2 minutes, or having people tell you that you're just confused or greedy, when you're not.

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I would figure that bi opens up your options. If one gender isn't working out for you right now, just try the other. Also, a lot more room for experimentation.

I'm straight though, so I don't have the luxury.

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If everybody was bi then there will be no hatred for homosexual people. There will be one less unecessary trouble in this world.

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Guys prefer bi women.... especially if they get to share one with another bi woman ;)

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Bi of course. Being attracted to only one or the other sex eliminates half of the potential population.

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