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 Which is more important in ethical decision-making: emotion or logic? (2)

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Which is more important in ethical decision-making: emotion or logic?

In ethical systems such as Kantian ethics and utilitarianism, logic is seen as the most important for making ethical decisions.

However, other people argue that we should intuitively "know" if something feels right or wrong without having to work it out.

Which do you believe is more important? Or should they both have their place?
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Both are needed. It's why a robot can never be trusted to make ethical decisions. The robot would make decisions based on probability and mathematics rather than "doing the right thing".

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The question becomes considerably more complex when you throw the word "ethical" in there. I don't believe in morality in the objective sense. I think terms like ethics and morality are culturally and individualistically relative. Furthermore, I do believe logic exists in the objective sense, as a real world representation of the law of probability. Therefore, in a decision where ethics are a consideration, logic is always going to take a back seat to emotion. In order for ethics to even enter the equation in the first place, the decision must include a potential outcome which your emotions find unpalatable, tragic or even abhorrent.