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Joined family is best because the work for every person will be shared.And the children will improve their capacity.Every person adjust with other members in the family.Grand parents are there to advice the young ones.And they tell their past experiences to the youngsters for understanding ability.

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Grandparents and grandchildren are natural allies. I'm a parent. I can't have that. And I can't bear to hear all of those past experiences stories one more time.

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Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like if I had a closer relationship to my extended family when I was growing up. They lived in Kansas and Michigan while I lived in Texas. Once a year or so we would take a two or three week long road trip to visit them. I never became close to any of them. The whole trip was boring and annoying because my parents would want me to behave perfectly around my grandparents. So to me, my extended family was nothing more than an annual pain in the ass. Kinda sad, really.

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well there isnt an argument over here so i figured i would put it on this side i think it all depends on the situation because for several years now my mother has been cheating on my father with several men and i knew about it but they are finnally getting divorced and i think it is better for my development that i spend it with my father because me and the dirty fucking whore that calls herself my mother do not get along at all. but it all depends on the living situation for which kind would be better

Side: it all depends