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 Which is the best way to deal with squatters? (3)

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Which is the best way to deal with squatters?

Squatters are often seen has a hotbed of crime but on the other hand the majority of pp living in squatters are hard working pp who cannot afford proper housing.  

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As a man who spent the better part of my first winter back from Vietnam squatting in and around New York City, I'd say hell, give 'em a break. Squatters (for the most part) mean you no harm, they just want a place to spend the night out of the cold. I would say, however, that if it's the summertime, or if it's warm where you are, tell them to hit the road, because there's really no reason for them to be staying there. During the winter though? Let 'em stay the night. Be a pal.

Side: Give em a break
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As Jonbonham pointed out, they can be people who just need a place to stay for a day or two.

Sure, it's your property, and you have every right to do with it what you want, but do you not have any sense of sympathy? (editorial use of 'you'; don't take literally).

Side: Give em a break

Eject them immediately. It's your property, and they have no right to be on it.

Side: Eject them immediately