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Time to put your money where your mouth is lee.



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Because of the diversity of the members of Createdebate, there is a lot more perspectives for any given debate, making debating more interesting and generally more intelligant.

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1 point

you faggot cowards are too dumb to handle a live debate that's why you ducked it. just proves that this site is full of fucking retards who are too dumb to debate.

Side: Manhood101
1 point

But i am debating you now, how am i "ducking it"? You typically respond to people who are willing to debate by banning them from the debate entirely. Does that make you the one who is running away from the debate?

Side: CreateDebate
myy1 Disputed
2 points

you dumb faggot this isn't a live debate. this is you hiding like a scared faggot.

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