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 Which is the greatest sacrifice? (6)

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Which is the greatest sacrifice?

In the short story, "The Gift of the Magi," which is the greatest sacrifice, (Della selling her hair) or (Jim selling his watch)? Make sure to explain your reasoning with evidence from the text and provide at least 5 sentences in your response.
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First of all, what selfless giving of both of them for the good of the other! If I had to pick out who sacrificed more, I would pick Jim. Why I think that is, is because Della will get her hair back and she knows that. She says to Jim, "My hair will grow again." "You won't care, will you?", "My hair grows fast." Once her hair grows back she will be able to use the beautiful combs Jim sacrificed his father's and father's father watch for. He will never get the watch back to use on the beautiful chain Della gave him. Either way they both were willing to sacrifice so much for each other.

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After reading the story I believe that Della sacrificed more than Jim did. Della’s sacrifice involved her own person with hair that likely took years to grow and was a big part of her identity. Della’s hair was her prized possession, and she also knew that Jim valued it greatly. She took some risk that Jim would be greatly upset at her for cutting her hair off. As she said when Jim first came in the door, “Jim dear” she cried, “don't look at me like that…”. Clearly, she was concerned that she had taken such a drastic step that her husband would be displeased. And later “Don't you like me now? I’m me Jim, me. I'm the same without my hair”.

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You clearly want us to do your actual graded homework for you.

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You clearly want us to do your actual graded homework for you.

Nobody wants you to do their homework for them because you'll get all the answers wrong.

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The greater sacrifice is the watch because hair grows back. If you argue that he can get a new watch, well that costs money. I would rather lose some hair than lose something that takes money to replace. I also don't like hair because once I thought someone's hair was a bundle of ramen noodles and tried to eat it. It tasted like a baboon's crotch.

the greatest sacrifice, was Jesus, endure torture plus mockery, and laying down His life for 3 days, and rising it up again, so sinner like you and I, can confess Jesus as Risen Lord, and got to Heaven when we die, and be with Jesus forever. PS: Jesus also goes by Yeshua, in case you were curious about my screen name. If you have any questions, ask. Take care! :) <3