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 Which is the most thought stimulating book you've read? (8)

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Which is the most thought stimulating book you've read?

Feel free to type in what you felt about the book and what you liked the most, (Doing this so that I can read stuff throughout my upcoming vacations) book suggestions will be much appreciated!
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Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger probably is my winner for fiction. This is because the narrator tells you explicitly he is a liar. That means the reader can wonder how much of the story is Holden Caulfield recasting the events for his own purposes. The reader can even assume specific events were different ways.

For example, I assume that Holden actually had sex with the prostitute, Sunny, and tried to keep from having to pay, even though Holden insists otherwise. I figure he is changing the events in order to hide an embarrassing incident from his audience.

Plagues and Peoples by William H. McNeill is a piece of nonfiction that changed how I think about history. The book is a history of humanity vis-à-vis disease. It turns around a lot of our assumptions of why many major world events turned out the way they did. Disease has been a major player in history.

Either "A List of Cages" by Robin Roe or "Metamorphosis" by Kafka

-To kill a mocking bird (Harper Lee)

-Feed (Matthew Tobin Anderson)

-The enemy (Charlie Higson)

-Grasshopper jungle (Andrew A. Smith)

-American Gods (Neil Gaiman)

Please keep in mind that most of these books are young adult novels

"Unwound" by Niel Shusterman is a good one too. I love the idea that though ABORTION is illegal in the book, they can give the kid back when they're 13. I'm down for that!

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"By His Bootstraps"

"The Cat Who Walks Through Walls"

"The Circle of Ouroboros"

"The Temporal Corps."

-Robert A. Heinlein

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Good question. Progressives would say Rules for Radicals and tell me i am wrong. I dare ya!!!!!!!