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Murder Rape
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Which is worse?

Rape is treated like a major taboo, but what do you think is actually worse?


There is no need to be upset.


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I think murder is worse, because in here, you do not let other people live any more, which means you dont give them any more chance to prove themselves. But in rape, you still let the person live her life to the fullest even if it means carrying the burden.

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You said 'her'.

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Yes, im referring to the woman. At least you let the woman live and in turn she can make her life more worth it, instead of just killing someone.

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Any self-respecting justice system will regulate murder as the greater crime. The reason for that is to deter the rapist from killing his victim. If murder gives a criminal a more forgiving sentence, why wouldn't the criminal murder the woman after he's done raping her? It's fairly easy to conceal signs of intercourse and the body most likely won't be found in the following days. Murdering the rape victim will also decrease the chance of the criminal getting caught as there would be no witnesses.

If I had to choose between rape and murder, I would take rape because I want to live. No matter what.

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The men who do rape women are sick and have emotional issues , it can end in murder in some cases but for me it's monstrous than murder itself because it will be difficult to forget in short term and not easier to do it , so the person who got raped will have to live with the painful experience of rape .

P.S : Either men or women can be raped I just gave an example

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