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Which movie is worse Dragonball Evolution or the Last Airbender?

Im not sure which movie is worse.

Let's see well the last airbender was more faithful to it's original franchise than dragonball evolution.

Both movies had 2 hot girls. Chi-Chi & Bulma in DBE & Katara & Yue in TLA.

Why does everybody hate Katara's character in that movie? nobody else thinks she's hot?

The acting in TLA was worse than the acting in DBE. At least most of the actors in DBE were somewhat decent at acting.

Both movies have serious race issues. In DBE everyone is Asian (which they should be white like in the cartoon) & in TLA they kinda reversed the races. The firebenders were Indian, the earth benders were asian, the airbenders were mixed, & the water benders were white.

Now an issue nobody brings up about the last airbender is zuko's horrible actor Dev Patel. Now apparently he does pretty good in that show that he originally worked in but he was one of the worst actors in this movie. I can't believe how over the top he was & retarded in this movie. He didn't even look like Zuko. Why would anybody ever hire him to play Zuko? Man Robert Pattinson would have made a better Zuko, I would have made a better Zuko!



Dragonball Evolution

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The Last Airbender

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Actually in Dragonball they were Asian, just the anime art style looks Caucasian because the eyes are enlarged.

Anyway if you want to see BAD, look at Plan 9 From Outer Space, or Manos The Hand of Fate. You won't be able to sit through them.

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In the show they are white. There's nothing Asian about them.

It doesn't even take place in Japan. Just because it was made in Japan doesnt mean that everybody in it is Asian.

They should choose actors that look like the character.

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It doesn't even take place in Japan. Just because it was made in Japan doesnt mean that everybody in it is Asian.

The show and manga incorporate the local culture.

It's simply the nature of most anime that you'll have seemingly white characters in a definite Japanese city or area, with hints of Shintoism and Buddhism.

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They butchered the TV show completely. I can't watch it without feeling anger and hate to the Director. Never buy it. If you do, light it on fire, drench it with holy water, and throw the ashes down the toilet.

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