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Which nba 2k gets the lebron or cury

For instance Curry doesnt shoot. He only attempts like 3 per match in 2k16. Lebron plays like a scorer. Where's his mid range game it has to Buy mt nba 2k20 be an A. Also his defensive skill is too low etc.. Doesnt play such as himself. Is there a mod for any game at which a gamer fashion can be correctly simulated by me. Giannis does not play such as himself, you're right. He plays just like a video game character that is becoming sentient and knows how to break NBA 2K20 at will. He's a terror.

On subject, 2k17 or 18 Curry was very like himself. At current, playing against him feels just like Steph is complacent. He settles instead of generates. Granted, it's Stephen Curry so more often than not he puts one right between your eyes. When LeBron was 2k14 or 15 was. LeBron's playmaking is spot on to a tee that is annoying. I'll feed him a open lane and just as he is going to score another alternative presents itself and he takes the help from me.

Yeah I feel as Lebron's playmaking is better in 20 than it has been in the past and his finishing looks and feels like LeBron within this one. The best superstars seem good not perfect but great although whether there is any weight to it, I don't know and then everyone else at NBA 2K20 is simply garbage. Lillard shot at 2/32 in a match I played with him he was chilly for 3 quarters of NBA 2K20. And players who should be great are crap although he was slightly better and superstars are good.

Just need to add. I've been enjoying lots of MyLeague matches (so 5v5 NBA matches ) and what Ive noticed is that the AI would suddenly chain dribble moves onto the iso. I am not talking about how we get it done but its nearer to this rhythm dribbles in 18/19. 90 percent of the time, they shoot it after. Although it feels by using a smooth combo, they actually do you dirty since they create them too lol. Very notable with Steph, Harden and Dame.

The sliders were edited by me for player movement and it has enhanced superstars for me personally. The ratios shifted into 85-15 in the default 70-40 and increased the slider to increase the gap between players. This has helped the speed of NBA 2K20play resemble life a bit more. Also upping Hustle for both CPU and participant has made loose balls appropriately frantic. After correcting these sliders Trae Young plays realistic and nba 2k20 mt coins I have not played Curry but then I would assume it would help improve the immersion when he plays similar.
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