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Which of These is Most Educational?

Both of these used to be (and still are) major television shows for younger people. 


One of the main points of watching programs such as these is for younger people to gain intellingence from the repetitive speech and easy words spoken.


So their purpose is to teach younger people English, but which does best?


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Bob the Builder

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I watched teletubbies and now I'm one fo the cleverest in my classes andam studying for some of the better subjects. Bob the Builder watchers are now learning how to build a house.

I think teletubbies have some sort of subliminal messaging thing that makes you super clever.

Or it could be that I learnt all my stuff from "Come Outside"

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I would have to vote form bob the builder. I am not sure about the point of the teletubbies, other than it is entertaining to young children because of the colors, sounds, actions and shapes.

Bob the builder has life lessons, diversity, tolerance, cooperation, teamwork, forgiveness, etc. I think bob the builder is is more educational.

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Bob the builder teaches kids the fundamentals of building while tellie tubbies just yell and play games in there little space ship or whatever you call it

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