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Winning Eleven 3/4 (PS1) FIFA 07 (PC)
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 Winning Eleven 3/4 (PS1) (1)
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Which one's better? Winning Eleven 3/4 (PS1) or FIFA 07 (PC)

Winning Eleven 3/4 (PS1)

Side Score: 1

FIFA 07 (PC)

Side Score: 4

Winning Eleven is easy to score goals. I like it. But, the graphic is poor...

Side: Winning Eleven 3/4 (PS1)
3 points

FiFa 07 has a high quality graphics, but difficult to score goals...

Side: FIFA 07 (PC)
1 point

lol dude...looks like u haven't played it..

its easy to score even on legendary difficulty

Side: FIFA 07 (PC)