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Which party is anti-corporatist?

Both parties are sucking the wanker of big business, both the left and the right is guilty of deepthroating the banana of special interests and gargling the dong of big banks. Even Bernie Sanders who wanted to "break up the banks" couldn't open up his cuck mouth and call to "break up" the biggest bank of all, the federal reserve. All politicians in america are participating in the same game and are just as guilty. None of these people have the real power not even Trump.  It's the banks and multinational corporations which are grabbing america by the pussy.


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I question liberals who claim to not care about collective corporations.

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PeterJoseph(77) Disputed
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You are just so far left that anything short of socialism looks right wing to you. Peter Joseph himself used to be on the right path (not meaning right wing, I mean right as in correct) and used to be above the simple minded left right paradigm. But he has started to identify more with communism than RBE. This is because he is becoming lazy and lacks the scientific inclination to fully understand the RBE. If Jacque where here he would tell you that there is no use for a political spectrum once you become truly civilized because politics itself is the manifestation of a type 0 civilization.

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Just what we need, another Putin plant tearing at the roots of our democracy. When Trump makes his "Art of the Deal" with ol' Pute, I hope you enjoy the oligarch you helped to create, the "working class" you pretend to "want to improve", will NOT!

Democrats are NOT anti-corporate, they just don't consider them "people".

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Objective(21) Disputed
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It's sad that you are so stupid. You are just another wank milking sack of fork tongued reptilian jews. I am not a conservative and I don't know whether Trump colluded with russia or not, there is no clear evidence of it. You cannot see the larger scheme of things when you are brainwashed with partisan BS.

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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Bowel Al how does a corporation not function without people ? Bowel Al does MicroSoft not need people according to Bill Gates ?

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outlaw60(15500) Disputed
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"Democrats are NOT anti-corporate, they just don't consider them "people".

Then whom are the Progressives that work for corporations Bowel Al ?

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