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Which scientist did most to change the way we look at the world?

Here are some nominations, but if you think I've missed someone out let me know:

Isaac Newton for discovering gravity.

Galileo Galilei for his research in astronomy.

Charles Darwin for his theory of evolution.

Albert Einstein for his theory of relativity.

Edwin Hubble for developing 'Hubble's Law' (the main evidence to support 'the big bang' theory).

Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the internet.


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The winner for me is most definitely Darwin.

He has done far more for the advancement of science then just the theory of evolution. He showed that when we are presented with a problem, that such as the origins of life, one must not be satisfied with simply shrugging it away as an act of god. Now that we are presented with other mysteries such as the origins of our universe, our thinking has been dramatically changed to understand that perceived complexity can have very uncomplex routes, and that the things we are unable to understand now can and will become understandable.

Evolution, on its own an absolutely massive discovery, has also allowed us to think clearly about subjects that religion have long held dominion over.

I feel that what I am trying to say would be best explained with a quote from 'Dickie' Dawkins.

"Natural selection not only explains the whole of life; it also raises out consciousness to the power of science to explain how organised complexity can emerge from simple beginnings without any deliberate guidance. A full understanding of natural selection encourages us to move boldly into other fields. It arouses our suspicion, in those other fields, of the kind of false alternatives that once, in pre-Darwinian days, beguiled biology. Who, before Darwin, could have guessed something so apparently designed as a dragonfly's wing or an eagle's eye was the end product of a long sequence of non-random but purely natural causes? ...Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection - the ultimate scientific conciousness-raiser"

Side: Charles Darwin
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I have to say Charles Darwin. Evolution answers that age old question 'where did we come from?' It was such a radical idea at the time, and it took a lot of guts from Darwin to fly in the face of the church. There is a mountain of evidence to support the theory such as fossils, homologies, genetics and selective breeding. It is both beautiful and brilliant.

Supporting Evidence: On the Origin of Species (
Side: Charles Darwin

I did one of my dissertations on Sir Timothy Berners-Lee but it's not's not anywhere! All the geniuses listed have their place n changing how we look at the world but I believe it is Tim Berners-Lee that takes the prize here. The Internet has made all of us virtual neighbors and the amount of information it contains can be changed and updated at the speed of light. Sir Tim has done the world a great service by finding his final connection in order to create the world's first server. The W.W.W. has changed millions of people's lives on a personal as well as business level and has opened up a world of knowledge heretofore unrealized.

Side: Tim Berners-Lee
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Darwin created 185 jiggawatts of change with the theory of evolution.

Einstein only caused 165.


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The way we look at the world? Then it must be Galileo for proving that the earth was not the center of the universe and that the planets revolved around the sun.

Side: Galileo
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Copernicus was the one who scientifically disproved the geocentric model of the solar system. His work sparked the scientific revolution and led other scientists (such as Galileo) to add on to his work.

Side: Copernicus
altarion(1955) Disputed
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And Galileo improved and more factually proposed the solar system's rotation around the sun with his telescope that he made after finding faults in Copernicus' model.

Side: Galileo
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Galileo, not only because of his research but because he put forth his theories and stuck to them at a time when people weren't as open to such ideas.

Tim Berners-Lee invented the Internet? I thought Al Gore was the inventor of the Internet. Sheesh, all these years and I thought that brilliant cough mind brought us the Internet.

Side: Copernicus
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Nikola Tesla for inventing modern technology as we know it.

A/C electricity, radio, wireless technology, etc

Side: Tesla

Charles Darwin for giving a logical way of looking at how humans and animals came to be it gave people something to research and gave them proof cold hard proof

Side: Charles Darwin
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Darwin changed philosophy and science more than any other scientific figure. Yes, there were great physicists and astronomers, but Darwin really opened up the whole field of modern biology. Don't get me wrong, there are other scientists out there that were great and amazing and deserve respect, but Darwin pretty much tops the list for world-changing, as far as I'm concerned.

Side: Charles Darwin

Albert Einstein for his 4 papers in 1905 he is the grandfather of quantum mechanics, he knew time wasn't absolute , he figured out e=mc2 which lead to the theory of the higgs field, he was the first to describe the fabric of spacetime

Side: Einstein

Ludwig von Mises who posited that all knowledge is not empirical.

Side: Ludwig von Mises

I will go with Tim Berners-Lee because I have him to thanks for the invention of the Internet.

Side: Ludwig von Mises