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Which sense would you rather lose?

We take them for granted...

Your sight

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Even though this culture is very visual, I'm a very aural person. I'd be more uncomfortable as a writer without hearing than as a writer without sight.

I've worked with the visually handicapped as well as the hearing impaired, and the greater sympathy evoked from deep inside is for the person missing out on music.

To me, a life without movies or TV is far less traumatizing than a life without music. When you listen to music, it's easy to add visions; but when you see a picture, do you hear anything?

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I'd definitely rather be deaf than blind. How would I use CreateDebate if I couldn't see? Being deaf you can still get around places relatively easily, you can drive yourself, walk without a guide, read up on the latest events, watch TV with subtitles, etc.

While there are many things that I would miss (mainly music), I think that being blind would be much harder to deal with. At least if I were deaf I wouldn't have to hear my boss keep nagging me.

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The visually impaired have software that reads web pages to them. That's why when you make a web page, you have to include alternate text for graphics.

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I'm guessing that in 10-20 years, we'll have voice to text recognition that will allow people that can't hear to be able to "listen" to people and carry on conversations by watching a screen. I'd miss some great music, but I could probably just hum it to myself in my head. Books and art would make up the difference. Losing your sight gives real handicaps in modern society.

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You can read lips when you're deaf- not true when you are blind.

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While it would be sad to not be able to hear other's voices anymore, or music, or the fire alarm, I would rather have my sight and see my loved ones, watch the movie with subtitles, drive, and other things that you have to have sight for.

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Sight has an entire lobe of the brain dedicated to processing vision.

Loss of hearing affects a much smaller proportion of the brain.

Thus, hearing loss consumes a smaller percentage of our sensory resources.

(This is species-specific. Some dogs have about as many neurons involved in smell as humans do for sight.)

Supporting Evidence: Occipital lobe (
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Hearing, because I could learn sign language and more things are available to me. In other words, I don't think the deaf are "as" handicapped.

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It's a visual world.

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Losing your sight cuts you off from things (like electronic equipment and porn).

Losing your hearing cuts you off from people (like the ones that don't see the world the way I see it).

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