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Which theorist of the Psych do you believe the most?

I'm heavily into Psychology, and I remember my classmates and other people I've conversed with about the psych, thinking one of these guys was less believable than the other. So, I guess some people just believe one more than the other and/or like one more than other.

Which psych theorist do you believe/like the most? Why?


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Well, Freud was a ground breaker, that's for sure. He seemed to believe that everything had to do with sex, though... and he was a coke head.

to me, the psychologists that are into specific areas are sort of too extreme. Especially Carl Rogers ;).

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I have to pick one or the other?

I think they both are crazy, but Freud I think had mother issues he felt compelled to transfer to every other human on earth... I mean who doesn't want to fuck their mom and kill their dad deep down inside? Why not base all of human psych on that sweet idea?

And while I really do believe a human being is perfectly capable of leading a happy and productive life with no religion or spirituality at all, at least Jung's basic premise seems to be true for the majority of humans, unnecessary as it is.

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This is a popular misrepresentation of Freud's Oedipal complex. From my reading, the child does not literally desire murder and sex of his parents. Rather, he assumes subconscious competition/resentment to the father and desire to possess/protect the mother, both in preparation for his future assumption of the role of manhood.

If it sounds too weird to be said seriously, it just might be. This myth is part of why I hate pop psychology.

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Yeah, I know it was not literal.

It's just hard to believe that on any level it could be said that this applies to some degree to every person. I don't like any theory that treats each person as if they go by the same psychological rules. There's simply too many factors.

Why he and Jung are both still so highly regarded though is because of what their ideas lead to, not necessarily that they were absolutely correct...

I think of Einstein and Relativity, at the end of it all, looks like he was wrong. But no serious scientist is going to argue he was not one of, if not the best theorist of all time.

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You really hit the nail on Freud.

Those where my exact thoughts when we learned about Freud in AP Psych. Non of it made sense to me. Unlike most other things I learned about in that class.

Some of Freud's ideas might be right, but the parent stuff is ridiculous.

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