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 Which three items do you take to a deserted island? (15)

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Which three items do you take to a deserted island?

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This one's easy: a jet, a pilot and enough fuel to fly me back to a non-deserted location...

A solar panel (to charge my batteries).

My netbook.

And a satellite modem so that I can connect to CD ;)

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Can I trade my 3 items for another person? hmmmm But if not I will take an inflatable raft, lots of batteries and flashlight. (I'd sneak a couple of books in there too)

Hey I get scared all alone and I don't want to be stranded for very long LOL

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1. A magnifying glass to focus the sun's rays for making fires. It can never run out or be used up.

2. A knife to be used for hunting, skinning and building.

3. Plenty of lubrication, why spoil paradise with a woman.

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I'ld only need 1: a ship to get out of there.

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Well, assuming there's plenty of food, water and shelter there... I would take tons of liquor, sunglasses and lots of sunscreen. I'd like to take my Ipod but since I guess there is no way to recharge it, that wouldn't do me much good for very long.

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Cool! But that would count as an additional item so if I was going to bring the Ipod and the solar recharger... I guess I could ditch the sunglasses and sunblock... but I ain't partin' with the liquor no matter what.

Assuming there is ample food, water and shelter on the island, I would take basic tools, Man, the Economy and the State with Power and Market, and a women.

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That is an awesome answer. Why would you be down voted..........................................?

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I'm human... So I'll do this.. I'll take a cruise full of people, especially those in need of land to build something else that is real tall for the IT or some other hazardous technology. Second thing I will carry all those equipments that exploit nature. Third thing would be the cheques that exploit human beings.

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my pirate ship, crew, and another item


a teleportation device that could transport me across oceans and come with me when it did

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Seeds, snorkel gear, and a salt-water-filter.

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I would take my eReader, my iPad, and my cell phone. With these three essentials, I would be comfortable.

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