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Which would you rather celebrate

Which one do you feel better about and which one would you rather celebrate in the future.


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Your birthday

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I perfer christmas because its more like a family event :D. On the other hand birthday is mainly for me and my friends. Don't get me wrong, i love my friends, its just that i rarely hang out with my family ;D.

Plus i like eating posole and tamale :D

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I love celebrating Christmas because it doesn't have to be about religion. It is placed perfectly in a season where everybody is inclined to be together, celebrate, and eat good food. The actual holiday of Christmas is great, because even if you don't believe in any Christian figures or anything like that, you can still gather with family and friends and have a good time. There is a good feeling around the whole holiday season, which would make it my favorite if Summer wasn't just awesomely fun.

Celebrating my birthday makes me feel selfish and I really don't like it. I don't mind celebrating and receiving gifts for Christmas because I think that something bigger is being celebrated, but I feel weird when I get gifts only because I was born ___ years ago.

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I prefer Christmas because you get to celebrate not only the birth of Christ, but the fact that there are others in your life that are important to you. I'd rather give gifts to my family and friends, than get gifts, to be truly honest. I like seeing others happy. (:

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I prefer Christmas, because it's the one time families and friends get together just to celebrate that we're alive, healthy, and safe.

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Christmas is my favorite Holiday and I love putting up the Christmas tree and giving out the presents. My birthday is nice, too, but Christmas is more exciting.

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i chose Christmas because everyone gets presents including me so it basically is my birthday and yours and his any your moms and my freinds and the kid down the street and everyone that celebrates it.

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My birthday because:

1. It's all about me

2. I don't have to put up lights

3. The other side was winning

4. People are going to celebrate Christmas anyway

5. I don't have to go shopping

and on the other hand, I have five more fingers (;

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Not only that, but on your birthday you don't have to buy other people giflts, they all buy you them! (;

(Although I suppose this catagorizes under "It's all about me.") (;

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I'm Jewish therefore I do not celebrate Christmas and since it is celebrating some dead guy's birth it is also an idolistic holiday which goes against my religious beliefs; so therefore another reason why I'd rather celebrate my birthday.

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I prefer birthdays 'cause the Chippendale stripper doesn't do house calls on Christmas Day.

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Since me and my sister were both born on Christmas, their pretty much the same for me, exempt for the past two years we have been celebrating our birthdays separately and on different days. I don't even know if we should be celebrating Christmas, i don't believe in Jesus and my sister's a atheist. According to all the facts from Christian mythology, Jesus was born in the spring, which means theirs no religious reason to celebrate. I still like Christmas better than my birthday anyway because i usually feel selfish that everyones just getting gifts for me. My maternal side is really small, so its the same crowd at my birthdays, i would have felt better about celebrating it if my only friend hadn't moved to Utah. The only difference between Christmas and birthdays are just the cake and the tree.

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