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Which you rather be?


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Deaf. Who would choose blindness over being deaf? (not that I want either)

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All that I hear in real life is people's stupidity, I'd rather be deaf. I enjoy reading and seeing way too much to be blind.

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I suppose if I had to choose, I could do without my hearing before I could live without my eyesight.

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so I don't have to hear the non sense that comes out of people's mouth.

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I would rather be neither, but I would rather be deaf than blind.

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Honestly, I'd rather be blind. I wouldn't want to live without me being able to hear. I rely more on hearing than I do seeing. I would cry if I couldn't hear my best friend sing. I love hearing her voice, it kinda makes my day.

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So would you learn the clam method?

Side: Blind

I don't mean to make myself sound stupid, but what is the clam method?

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