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No more racist KKK Party of the Klan
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White Democrats eggs black man while wearing monkey suit

California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder and his campaign team were attacked by egg-throwing protestors while walking through a Los Angeles neighborhood Wednesday.

No more racist KKK

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Party of the Klan

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White Democrats eggs black man while wearing monkey suit

Hello H:

Uhhh, you spelt Democrats WRONG.. We're talking about ONE person here, right?? One person is not DemocratS. It's Democrat. And, you don't even know IF the ONE person was a Democrat..

The important thing here, is that you think the actions of ONE person means something.. It doesn't.. You lose on both counts.


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If that were a conservative doing the same to a liberal black candidate, you would be condemning all conservatives. So, turnabout is fair play.

Side: No more racist KKK
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The politically inspired walk-about by a decent, vote canvassing black Republican politician had to be curtailed due to the violent thuggery of the DImocrat left-wing filth.

The RACIST-left-wing MOB assaulted Larry Elder's chaperones thus necessitating the premature cessation of a peaceful and wholly legitimate political promotional event.

This DImocrat display of savergy was in keeping with their ongoing program of stifling the expression of any political ideology other than their own extremist doctrine.

The ''wokes'' and the left-wing filth have joined forces and are determined that freedom of speech will be their exclusive domain with all opposition being CANCELLED through the type of violent bullying and racism as the DImocrat's RENT-A-MOB displayed.

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Jesus, I can't find a debate without you on it. Impresive.

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