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White People Best What?
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White People Are the Best

White people are the most intelligent, logical, well fit, best looking, most advanced race of species on the planet we know as earth.

White People Best

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of course theres no arguments for it, stupid white people lol jk <3

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I think this is kind of racist.

But no,most intelligent

Intelligent in what? You can be intelligent in so many ways, just because you don't have a high IQ - just means your not so good at math or don't know much about general knowledge, not that you are stupid - or stupider than anyone else.

Don't judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree!


Logical in what matter?

well fit

Do you have any proof of this? I tried to google some stuff, trying to prove you wrong - but I can neither prove or disprove this state.

best looking

That is a matter of taste - some like white, some like black, some like both, some like neither.

most advanced race of species on the planet we know as earth.

What??! Human is the the most advanced specie known on earth - not white people. White&Black;have everything in common except the skin color - there is nothing else that is different.

A detective can not say if you're black or white by analyzing your DNA.

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That is complete rubbish, White People are not the best, nor are Black people or anyone else purely because of the Colour of their Skin, if we look through recent history some of the great minds of the Modern day may have been White, I dont know for definite because I have'nt checked that does'nt meen that White people are better because if we look through the history of the Modern day people of Colour (i'm using that term to meen all the races who are not White) have been kept down by the White man, especially in America where the Blacks and the Native American have definately not been given the same chances as White's.

How can you say that White's are better when a lot of very bright mind's are coming from the Asian community and Professional Sport seems to be dominated by non White's (if not dominated at least equal amounts of White's and non White's). These facts alone pretty much disprove your claim and the Sport definately does as Professional Sport cares about one thing only and that's results, so if White people truly were better they would dominate the Sport's World

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Yeah, because this one hasn't been debunked a million times already.

Sorry fascists, but as the old saying goes, we haz the science.

Do races exist?
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Silly question: thousands of years are enough to decree this question absolutely illogical, based on old closed popular belief. And if the amount of years dont light up anything in your brain, then a crumb of common sense would help you figure out how ignorant and impudent you are.

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The description does sound a little racist but it is not entirely false.

Either way, we are different, our biological make-up is different and white people tend to have the most intelligent persons among them, and most of the biggest successes in most areas have and do come from white people.

There are also brown people, yellow people, some are rather on the blue side when dead... and do not forget the ga-, ahem, the purple ones...

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Keep your eye on the East China is big on industry and as far as I know as a Country they are solvent

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We are all one human race. So called "racial differences" make up no more than 3% of a person's entire genetic makeup. Checkmate.

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Actually, asians are. The chinese have the most harrowing school system, it is normal for an indian to speak at least three languages and the japanese are running out of working class people. The aisians have better religions, philosophers, medieval warriors, artists...

But really it's not about race. It's about your desire to succeed and the rescources you have.

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Naah, double post.

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Elvira(3446) Clarified
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Hey, you can downvote yourself twice!

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White people are the devil, without us, the world would be much more sophisticated

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Cynical(1948) Disputed
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That... that makes absoutely no sense.

I am cacusian, how am I the devil, eh?

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spiritualsou(43) Disputed
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Youre obviously blind to what white people have done to the world

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Sitara(11082) Disputed
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We are all one human race. Deal with it .

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