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White liberals should have white self hate.

White Liberals are the descendents of the Democratic party, the party of racism, Jim Crow, the KKK in its prime, and the Trail of Tears. Own it white liberals. The Conservatives fought you on all of these issues, and all you did was show your racist souls. You invented it. Don't try to pass it to white conservatives. That blood is on your hands and your hands alone. Signed? A Native American.

PS. Eat me.


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If I am white and other whites did bad things does that make me the same as them? Lol?

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Hello bront:

Your lack of history is showing itself again... You can't cherry pick it.

Now, it's TRUE, the KKK and the VERY racist WERE Democrats. But, long ago, THOSE Democrats switched over to Republicanism.. You DO know the old south, that was RELIABLY blue, is now RACIST red. So, if you're looking for blood on somebody's hands, look no further than your own.

You KNOW that, right?? Ok, you DON'T know that. Ain't nothing I can DO about that..


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1)The kkk was openly the arm of the Democrat party almost up to 1970 before being defunded and dismantled. I don't remember them claiming a switch. I do remember Hillary Clinton praising Robert Byrd(the Grand Wizard) as her mentor.

2)Blacks "switched" parties in the 1930's because of the New Deal. They were economically strong armed into the switch. Blacks wouldn't have voluntarily joined the party of the kkk.

3)Liberal politicians today are practicing plantation politics. Example? "We need Mexicans to do the jobs that no one else wants." noble of you...

4)Jeff Sessions and other older members of the Republican Party actually opposed the KKK in court to destroy it when it was powerful. And? Guess which party opposed Sessions like mad...

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excon(14554) Disputed
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Hello again, bront:

1970 was damn near 50 years ago. I dunno how you missed it, but TODAY'S right wing police force are MURDERING unarmed black people at a rate not seen since the days of Jim Crow..


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