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White supremacist kills 2 black men, after passing 2 white men. Who would DO such a thing?


When do white supremacists ACT, or do they just post white supremacist rhetoric and call people bongos?  When is the hatred just too much?? 

Why don't we ask one.  Know of any?


Uhh.. We KNOW somebody

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On this site theres plenty of white nationalists and supremacists on this site one example is Ahoghill who thinks blacks deserved a crack of the whip from time to time. though i dont know if he would go as far as to murder

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Ahoghill(1452) Disputed
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Ah, it's good to have GOOD OLD BROKEN NOMSHIT back with his usual left-wing fake reports.

My post was, blacks deserve a fair crack of the whip, the meaning of which is;- an equal opportunity to do something.

''It's only but right that all candidates get a FAIR CRACK OF THE WHIP''.

Are you one of those deranged paedophiles?

You sound like one to me.

If you are, do you murder your young victims after you sexually abuse them?

In the event of you being a paedophile, do you prefer molesting young boys or girls?

If this is the case how do you get rid of their bodies?

Only asking.

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drlebronskiv(23) Disputed
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wtf r u talking about?


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Antifa and Black Lives Matter killed HOW many people? Get your own house in order, hypocrite. I will not aopologize, for how God made, me.

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