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Really? Srom tries, for actual debates that we'll talk about (which I think is hard) HoldTheMayo just goofs us with rhetorical question. He's a man after Joe's heart.

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2 points

I think Srom can take him... besides, I like Srom's debates, sometimes HtheM's debates are just goofy, not that there's anything wrong with it.

Side: Srom
1 point

Thanks Hellno for your support! Plus I see you a lot on my debates. ;)

Side: Srom
1 point

What can I say... I get around, a lot. ;)

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-2 points

I think I'm going to have to let Srom win. My boss just noticed that I haven't done any work this year.

Side: Srom
1 point

Me of course because I am on a lot.

Side: Srom
1 point

I Knew It! You're on a lot of what? Jesus juice?

Side: Srom
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No silly! I am on a lot on CD not on Jesus juice! Gosh darn it, Hellno!

Side: Srom

Srom had debates, never really noticed. Much not be much of anything interesting.

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That was harsh pro.

Side: Srom

Not trying to be harsh, just being honest. Maybe I just never see them, I don't know.

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