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Who Had The Stronger Economy: Trump Or Hitler?

Journalist: So are you going to explain the institutional racism, the constant wall of lies, the appeals to nationalism and populism, the invention of alternate facts, the vicious attacks against the media and the industrialisation of bigotry?

Trump/Hitler. Nah, look at what I've done for the economy.


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Who Had The Stronger Economy: Trump Or Hitler?

Merkel's economy is greater than Hitler's. Trump's is greater than Merkel's.

Merkel's GDP

3.677 trillion USD

Trump's GDP

21 trillion

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So NOM is just talking about Racism !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAWNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Look NOM must have itself a love affair with Jim Acosta !!!!!!!!!! The so called reporter that has the SMS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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