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Who Is More Racist?

Ok so we know whites were terrible before but now-a-days things have changed, to many people, blacks and whites are considered equals (Cause they are) But if we were to ask which ones were worse when it comes to racism who would it be? Black or Whites (Other races if you please) in THIS time frame not looking back on the past.


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Tell me do white people have there own college fund?...... no but do you know who does black people now this is a college fund ONLY for black people white people cannot apply or receive this fund. and yet this is not a little racists? Black people are always blaming the white man for there problems in there life how often do u hear a rap song about how the black man keeping a Caucasian down? never you no why because a white man singing about that is deemed racists but it is perfectly acceptable for a black man to do it? racists a little? better yet how often do white people greet each other with a whats up my cracker never. because it is a recognized as a derogatory term referring to a white human being. but black people can say it with out repercotions or it being called racist. But black people greet each other and refer to each other as niggers all the time and it is ok among them but only if black people say it if a white person says nigger to a black person he is a racists what makes black people so much better to be able to use a certain word then a white person are black people so much better they get special words that white people are not allowed to use?

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Swryght(161) Disputed
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I'm going to answer your questions one at a time:

"Tell me do white people have there own college fund?...... no but do you know who does black people now this is a college fund ONLY for black people white people cannot apply or receive this fund. and yet this is not a little racists?"

The reason for this is that Black people suffer disproportionately from poverty. It is much harder for the average Black student to go to college than for the average White student. This is due to no fault of their own but to a long history of systematic oppression, which continues to affect their economic situations today. This is not racist because it has nothing to do with superiority of one race over another, or with hate.

"Black people are always blaming the white man for there problems in there life how often do u hear a rap song about how the black man keeping a Caucasian down?"

Black men do not keep Caucasians down. That is why you don't hear songs about it. Simple, eh? It's not possible for a group without power in this culture to oppress the dominant group.

"But black people greet each other and refer to each other as niggers all the time and it is ok among them but only if black people say it if a white person says n* to a black person he is a racists what makes black people so much better to be able to use a certain word then a white person are black people so much better they get special words that white people are not allowed to use?"

It means something very different when a White person uses that word. There is a long history associated with the word, and coming from a White person it carries connotations of hate and slavery, whether or not the White person intends this effect or not, and regardless of the White person's feelings about Black people. This is a case where sensitivity is required, because the feelings that a Black person has when he or she hears this word are very, very different from the feelings (or lack of feelings) that a White person has when the word is uttered.

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shaneyam99(112) Disputed
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what do you mean you never hear songs about a black man calling a white man racist tupac said

"As real as it seems the American Dream

Ain't nothing but another calculated schemes

To get us locked up shot up back in chains

To deny us of the future rob our names

Kept my history of mystery but now I see

The American Dream wasn't meant for me

Cause lady liberty is a hypocrite she lied to me

Promised me freedom, education, equality

Never gave me nothing but slavery

And now look at how dangerous you made me

Calling me a mad man cause I'm strong and bold

With this dump full of knowledge of the lies you told

Promise me emancipation indispute nation

All you gave my people was our patience

Fathers of our country never cared for me

They kept my answer shackled up in slavery

And Uncle Sam never did a dam thing for me

Except lie about the facts in my history

So now I'm sitting hear mad cause I'm unemployed

But the government's glad cause they enjoyed

When my people are down so they can screw us around

Time to change the government now panther power"

that doesnt aound like the white people are racist in his mind

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eilter(19) Disputed
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All I noticed while reading your post is that you used the words Black and Caucasian. You sir are a racist.

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I'm Black and I'm proud but todays black African-American youth hold an anger towards white youth who have absolutely know connection with their elder white relatives who may have been racist through out the 50's on yet they still receive the gruff off of people from that they have never done anything to but now the role has reversed and whites are now receiving the racist comments. Why is there so much hatred towards a generation of white people that have done nothing to the black race? People hold onto to a past that is not their own all to much these days. Also it is astonishing that an African American can go around calling other African Americans and even non-African Americans the "n" word and it is no more than a "what's up" to them. However if a white person who has never really known the roots of the word or even might know the roots says the "n" word around an African American in certain societies he could be murdered. People today need to just let go of the past that is not even their own. We are a new generation, a peaceful generation who is working towards a better tomorrow. How can we accomplish any goals if we are always fighting over the color of our skins? White people for the most part have let go of the past now it is the African Americans turn. When Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I have a dream", I don't believe that he dreamed about killing each other. He had a dream of everyone standing together as one body, one body of Christ. We must all remember that in God we are one body of Christ and God sees no color only the people that he loves so dear. So in conclusion blacks have taken up the role of racism and we all need to stand together as one body for the better cause. I know that it sounds a little racist toward my own race but I'm just telling the truth the way I see it.

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I agree. In my generation, there are very few "racist" one's left. Evolution or time has made us a bit wiser. I am respectful to all, but where I live, I do not get the same respect. I understand racism, even as a white girl. Growing up I went to a predominately black school, rode the school bus with only 3 white people and got into fights because I would move out of my seat. I got into fights because I was the only white girl in Choir, or on the Basketball team. Did any of that hold me back to what I have become today, no, because I have no "the man" to blame it on. In Atlanta, I have experienced the most racism I have ever experienced. This racism is black against white. Black youth do have issues with white youth, which I do not understand. We are not there yet, but the playing field is being evened out. There is no need for a US superior race. That is actually a pretty idiotic thought, we should have learned from our ancestors that it doesn't work. I just hope one day, the hatred will dissipate and color will not be viewed as a determining factor in any means, personal, professional or otherwise.

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Swryght(161) Disputed
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First, I think it's interesting that you and I are each arguing that our own race is the more racist one.

You wrote: "White people for the most part have let go of the past now it is the African Americans turn"

I see a problem with this. The past involved a very long history of oppression and abuse by Whites against Blacks. For us to say that White people have "let go" of this past, is saying something analogous to this hypothetical example:

Every day for the last month, John would punch Ted in the face because he didn't like him. Last week, John decided he was bored of punching people in the face, and has completely forgotten about it. However, Ted is still upset, even though the bruises are healing nicely. John has gotten over it, so now it's Ted's turn to grow up and get over it too.

My point is that for White people, "letting go" of the the racism and hate of the past is easy because they were, like John, the perpetrators of the acts. Black people not only still feeling the "bruises" of racism, but are still suffering from continuing dynamics such as "White privilege" and microaggressions. How can we expect them to let go of something like this, especially when they are still affected by it?

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Right on Swryght! I mean I'm not sure if I completely agree with your definition of racism on an individual level. Any indivudal, black or white, who has influence within a community or group can use that influence for unfortunate ends i.e racism. But with everything else that you have said thus far, I completely agree with and applaud you for expressing those points.

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trifinn(82) Disputed
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I know for me (being of American Indian descent, or White, but having the most loving Black husband and two most wonderful bi-racial children) it was easy to let go of because I did not have anything to do with it. By it I mean slavery, lack of equality, oppression. I did not personally have anything to do with any of those things. I am not a "John" or "a perpetrator of the act" which is why it is easy for me to let go of. I live in Atlanta, and here I am the minority, so now I am the one that faces racism. I voted for Obama, but once while walking through the isles of Wal-mart a young black man got in an older white woman's face and just shouted "Obama, HA!" which does nothing to help with race relations by the way. That is just one example. I have plenty more if anyone is interested. The point I am trying to make here is that Swryght's John and Ted euphemism is completely unfounded and to be completely honest, a little on the ignorant side. I grew up on the wrong side of the tracks just like the "blacks" you speak of. I did not have the opportunities that the "typical" white person has so who should I blame that on, which "The Man" should I accuse of oppressing me? It is what it is, we all have trials and tribulations and we should all get over it, because as far as I (and I can say most of my generation) is concerned.....Race doesn't matter. Now for those before me, I cannot comment because they are "before me". If you are still feeling the "bruises of racism", come to my side of town. I was born into the slums but guess what, with hard work I made it out. With help from no one but myself and my God. I got punched in the face, and I did what I was told, I turned the other cheek. You have no one to blame but yourself if you feel oppressed or sad or uneducated, or any other emotion. You yourself are in control of your own destiny. PS, the local libraries are free so educate yourself!

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I want to give thanks to the guys supporting me God Bless You All.

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I personally believe race is only skin deep, it will have no effect on a person's tendencies beyond their experiences or experiences where race is the argument.

BUT, the fact white's (am white myself) are held to a higher bar as to what is seen as racist is in itself racist. It's come to the point even police forces are unable to uphold the law because of how it would appear. How about the lower standards needed for visible ethnic groups for police forces in general, just so they can boost these numbers so they won't be accused of racism.

When anyone, in general, feels picked on they look for reasons, if your black you are allowed to use racism. If you are white, you are not. Are we supposed to believe that just because we are the majority we are in capable of having any other race carry prejudice thoughts about us?

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Nice debate to start though I know people were waiting for a debate like this to argue with.

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Does it benefit them in any way to leave their racism behind? Whites are scorned for disliking blacks. Nobody seems to expect a black to like a white.

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Beat whitey night !

Beat whitey night
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One feature of racism that is often ignored is "White Privilege." This is the mass of unearned benefits that White people (like me) inherit not because we worked for them or deserved them, but because we happened to be born White. This is part of modern racism, but it is usually invisible to White people. Here is an excerpt from an interesting documentary on the subject. Please watch the whole thing before responding:

Mirrors of Privilege
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Kboe(36) Disputed
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I Disagree. the blacks actually hold a strong power in the united states. Also racism isn't just white to back because a white person holds more power. Can an Asian person be racist toward a black person? Can a Mexican be racist toward a White person? The point is it doesn't matter about their power because racism is when a person doesn't like some one because of the color of their skin and heritage,

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Swryght(161) Disputed
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Ok, so you're not actually disagreeing with my argument, you are simply disagreeing with the way I've chosen to define racism. Can you explain to me why you think power is irrelevant to racism?

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YosefLevi(15) Disputed
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I believe that a discussion about disparities in power is essential in talking about racism, because it ultimately affects how meaningful that racism is. The semantical victory of saying "because this debate is about racism and because you only talk about the powers behind racism and not racism itself, you are irrelevant to my discussion" is not at all intellectually satisfying or trustworthy to me.

To talk of per se racism purely from the semantical point of view and to ignore discussion of its harms is to discuss a policy without caring for its effects or to discuss a medical treatment without weighing the lifestyle and biological implications on the patient.

Also, racism is not meaningfully quantified. Is a black person being called "nigger" at random by a white person 1.5(x) or 0.5(x) or 3.1415(x) more racist than a white person calling an Asian person a "chink"? How can you trust a statement that says something is more or less [racist] when they can't tell you how much [more or less] or the mechanistic process they used to derive an answer?

Like someone else put it quite well on this site, you don't hear often songs or works of art or literature written by the white population (aka "the man") about the oppressiveness of the black [man]. Even if black people are "more" racist, their lack of political and social power totally changes the features and effect size of their racism. How can you be concerned about the question of racism and not be concerned about effect size?

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To those who are down-voting my argument, I'd appreciate if you would try to explain what is wrong with it, rather than discrediting it simply because you don't agree with my conclusions. That is the point of a debate.

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I explained my part all I have to say to you is keep your eyes open and compare whites and blacks.

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CMan(5) Disputed
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Well, by your argument, WHITES CAN STILL BE RACIST TOWARDS OTHER WHITES, right? For example they might treat blacks in inferior positions better or "more fairly" than they treat other whites.

And some whites do just that in my experience. For example, a white professor once admitted to me that he gave a black student (that he believed, based on his color, to be from a different background to me) a second chance that he would not give me because I was white. The other student and I were in the absolutely identical situation.

I think that this thinking is very common in modern, western, ultra-liberal culture.

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Obama is a fool that lies to the goverment now a days there are more blacks says that I shouldn't vote him for president. the gays on the other hand like him they are sooo wrong and need to date who God told us to.

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Swryght(161) Disputed
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This is not an argument. You are simply spouting opinions without supporting them.

Please give us evidence that 1) Obama lied to the government, 2) More Blacks than Whites tell you not to vote for him.

Also, what do gays have to do with this debate? for that matter, what does Obama have to do with how racist Blacks are? Your post is very confusing. I don't see how it is even related to this debate.

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