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Who Is The Hottest Liberal Woman?

Are liberal women hot? Or fugly as hell?



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There aren't any! They are fugly as hell, Hellno !!

Side: Hill-Dog!
2 points

Haha! I agree baby! We need to find a reason to party soon! LOL!

Side: Hill-Dog!
3 points

I have a great reason! I got my divorce yesterday! Wooohoooo! CHEERS and down the hatch!!!! ;)

Side: Hill-Dog!
3 points

I don't think Janean Garfalo looks bad. Of course not as good as my wife.

Whoever made the collage just chose the worst picture of every person above.

Side: Michelle-the-Beast!
2 points

Yes... of course! So ?

Side: Michelle-the-Beast!

OMG, I went to that link and I threw up a little :6

Side: Michelle-the-Beast!
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This is one game of fuck-kill-marry that just makes me want to put on a suicide vest.

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