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Guy pay's no matter what Each proportional to income
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Who Pays?

I've heard it said that when dating someone, the guy pays for the meal every time no matter what. I've also heard that both people should pay what is proportional to their individual incomes. This is obviously barring any situation where one person willingly pay's for the other as a treat

Guy pay's no matter what

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Each proportional to income

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The fair answer is in the other column...

But who ever said dating or mating was fair?

The correct answer is the guy must decide with each date how far he is willing to go to date that girl. Sometimes the answer is hundreds of dollars, and sometimes it's not worth giving them a free breath mint.

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If you are pandering to get the girl's attention, you will fail every time. Don't spend any money. Get them to your house, learn how to woo a woman, and it's all free. Is this generation really this far gone? Man, liberalism has sucked the manhood out of the West. No wonder America is in decline. Here, since your dad didn't teach you, let me help you out.;=7s

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Hey, I'm happily married. It all worked out for me. No lessons needed. .........................................

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I think this is too complicated a question for just "yes or no".

It very much depends on who you're dating. There's a lot of women who will expect you to pay for the date, whilst others are more independent and may want to split the bill.

Of course, there's also the women who will expect you to pay for the bill whilst doing a handstand, and ones who first challenge you to a game of monopoly and whoever loses must pay the bill with a 50% tip.

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Well this could fall under basis of discrimination. What if their lesbian? What if they're gay. Who pays than? I believe it is the person that asked the other to the date. If the female asked the other than the female pays. If the guy asked them the guy pays. Etc.

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From what I've seen personally, it is almost expected for the guy to pay. But, I can say that I have seen the opposite expected, with sometimes the person who sets up the date/dinner being expected to pay.

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The woman should pay in order to balance "Female privilege". Ask a liberal. And it's where the world is headed. We used to joke that if the left kept going eventually men would win women's sporting events... and yes... it actually is happening now. And they wonder why we think they are complete nutjobs...

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