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 Who are people on this site that you consider to be LEGENDS? (13)

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Who are people on this site that you consider to be LEGENDS?

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2 points

I don't really know how to answer this because I don't know how to use the word legend... I mean, Joe is an obvious answer simply because his time on the site.

I would also consider you one, Terminator, Hellno, and that's all that come to mind...

The majority of the reason I choose you all is because of the amount of time you've spent on the site, but also because you all are well-known, for different reasons of course.

Thank you and your are as well my friend =) keep up the great work!

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In no particular order of course.

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Sorry, I forgot:




And of course Andy

Well, there are many, but those closer to my opinion are Joe, Terminator, ThePyg and iamdavidh. Hellno is close in my list.

You have to be old to be a legend. I'm old.

Alternatively...., you have to be dead to become a legend. I'm a legend waiting to happen ;)

1 point

I'm a mutha fuckin legend. :D

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i think...supremepizza and Joe are legends...i also think saurbaby is a legend! for many reasons really. i guess some are bcz of the way they debate,and add flavor to all the debates. i guessss they leave a print where ever they are XD

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In my opinion, it would be Cuaroc and Srom. The first time I went here, I've seen both their arguments. They give good arguments and good answers.

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I think this is where the whole points thing really comes into play. When someone new joins the site they probably have a look at the leader board and the higher up you are the more noticed you will be. Therefore nearly all of the members will recognise JoeCavalry and many will notice Terminator and Prayerfails.

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Hey! I have more points than Terminator... someone throw me a bone already! ;)

1 point

I apoligise, you got those points so quickly I hadn't noticed you overtook him.

The people with most points.