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Who are the idiots on this site?

I'm asking a question which I myself will not answer because answering the question constitutes an argument and that would make me complacent and complicit in said argument, which, for reasons that will become clear in a moment, I cannot condone.

Instead, I will describe the observations I have made here on CD over the years and let the reader answer the question down below, in the argument section.

What I have observed is that the act of making an argument will, more often than not, lead to someone labeling you "an idiot" by their definition of the word which they may, or may not, then share with you.  Further more, their labeling will probably be a rather explicit declaration, instead of an implied suggestion.  And, to add insult to injury, they will not add a smiley at the end.

This in turn leaves the person who made the accusation in the first place, exposed to being labeled an idiot themselves, since once they commit the words to a post... those words become an argument themselves. 

This chain of events continues until either one of the participants becomes tired or banned from the debate.

Having described my observations, I now await the person clever enough to answer the question posed.  Who are the idiots on this site ;)

Please identify the "True Idiots" on the left column.  If you can also specify the people who should be removed from the left column by identifying them on the "Wait..., what?  Not an idiot!" on the right column. 


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Wait..., what? No!

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All of us, relegated to this cyber cesspool. Welcome to Createdebate.

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I freely admit I'm an idiot, which by default makes me less idiotic than 99 percent of others here.

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Calling each other idiots has zero effect on the legitimacy of the arguments involved. Hell, on this site, most of the time there aren't even any arguments involved. One has to be careful not to make the mistake OP makes by assuming everybody who calls anybody else an idiot must therefore be equally culpable. That necessitates the premise that the world (or at least this site) has no genuine idiots, or that, however pointlessly argumentative or stupid someone is, you should never call them an idiot. I don't agree. If someone -- as often happens to me -- hijacks your debate in order to use it as a platform to make personal attacks against you, then that person is an idiot and needs to be banned.

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And, to add insult to injury, they will not add a smiley at the end.


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