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Who believes this crap?

The Professor I had for Electricity and Magnetism works at CERN-Mathfan

Yes, I know him. I beat him in a local chess tournament and we became friends quickly afterwards. He and I both agree I am correct about 9/11.-Nomenclature

and was one of the many authors on the Higgs discovery research papers.-Mathfan

Yes, I helped out with the spelling on some of those papers. Good bunch of guys.-Nomenclature

What an outright lying sack of gall bladder excretions Nomenclature is, you've gotta be SUPER F'N STUPID to believe this. Nomengayture is always calling everyone on the face of the planet a liar but this is the level of dishonesty and self-flagellating flatulence that he is emitting, this is a whole new level of brain farting my friends. Who here is dumb enough to believe his claims? If you do, I suggest you sterilize yourself and inject mercury into your reproductive organs and start taking cognitive enhancement supplements and go back to fucking preschool.


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Gullible doofus

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We should have guessed that your intellect falls short of understanding parody.

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Who is we? You and your many alt-accounts?..................

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