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Who deserves more blame, the tyrant or the coward?

Which are you inclined to believe is more to blame for societal problems tyranny or cowardice.


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Being a coward is bad, but being a tyrant is worse. In the first case you do nothing, in the second you actively commit injustice.

Don't blame the victim.

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there shouldnt be a tyrant in the first place,

but as humans bicker as they do, the inevitable result is a person's exertion of will above another

so who to blame? the tyrant for being louder, harder, stronger or having the biggest support or army

or the coward for not standing up and quite probably losing more then he had in the first place

lets face it, a tyrant is usually better equiped or he wouldnt be there in the first place.

So! In placing the most blame as if this isnt equal and somehow the scales arn't weighted, I would have to say the tyrant. His rule is without care of people he's leading, Which is the first wrong he made

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The tyrant here is in a position of authority. He or she is oppressing the coward. The coward, though fearful and not taking the responsibility to stand up for what he or she believes in, feels defeated.

However, in all reality, both are to blame.

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The tyrant is cruel and heartless while the coward is meek.

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Since the power of change lies within society, the cowardice to change is the only thing to blame. The tyrant cannot be blamed for the misfortunes of society because it is the weakness of the society itself that has allowed him to become a tyrant in the first place.

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The tyrant is not a creation of society. That's like saying a dictator is just part of the system. A person becomes a tyrant because they want to, for whatever misguided reasons. That being said, I believe that how a person chooses to react to a problem is one of the most important things a person can do.

If one doesn't have the courage to stand up for what is right, they don't even BEGIN to measure up to the tyrant. The problem needs to be solved, regardless how it got there.

So the coward, overall, would deserve more blame.

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I actually quite agree with you!

"If one doesn't have the courage to stand up for what is right, they don't even BEGIN to measure up to the tyrant. The problem needs to be solved, regardless how it got there" is well said

just the one point. I do think a tyrant is a creation of society. the misguided reasons are what makes him, and he has to get those from somewhere

like Hitler as the easiest reference

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I would have to say that the inability to act because of cowardice is not only motivated by fear but by selfishness in the desire to preserve one's own self. There are people who have a lot to give to society and who can contribute a lot through their opinions, skills, voice, but who do not do it for fear of loosing something (status, friendships, power, money..). Society is at loss.

The tyrant's bravery is motivated by confidence in that his ideas are the best and only pathway to improving society. Although he might be wrong, it seems to me that tyrants vision their own twisted version of an ideal society. The problem is that it is twisted! However, at least they act and they risk their own well being for the achievement of an ideal. Eventually their vision will crumble, as the idea in itself, not being really the best, will encounter opposition in society.

Thus, the coward deserves more blame. There are so many people complaining, so many people who know for example that "war is bad", yet no one has the courage to step forward and oppose it actively; because we are too afraid.

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cocacola3(11) Disputed
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I believe both their base motivations are fear, fear of loss or fear of being the fool that u instill fear in

also people complaining arn't always cowards

they are usually garnering support from peers, to see how they should act - sheep effect

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