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 Who dies at the end of The Reluctant Fundamentalist? (5)

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Who dies at the end of The Reluctant Fundamentalist?

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I think that the American was an assassin sent to kill Changez. In the eyes of America I think that Changez made himself an enemy of the US because of the way he was speaking about America towards the end of the book.

Side: Changez Dies
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I think that Changez dies (obviously). I think that the American was an assassin, also. I'm not sure why an assassin would waste his time on Changez, though.

There are so many little "hints" to the American being an assassin. There's the way he sits when listening to Chagnez (like what Roy said), and he seems to be very... shady (he's getting constant calls on that odd phone, and his phone rings at precisely the time a bell rings).

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i dont think anyone dies at all besides erica. i believe that the american strager was simply handing changez a business card.

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I agree with Nick because towards the middle of The Reluctant Fundamentalist, Changez says that the way that the American was sitting would favor someone that is or had been wearing a gun holster. I think that this could be used as a hint of foreshadowing for the end of the novel.

Side: Changez Dies
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you know wat i think??? i think that this the simplicity of this queston masks its true purpose. this question is not ment to determan the ending of a story, it was desinged to make you give logical, concise statements baised on your personal beliefs and opinions. so...who dies at the end of the reluctant fundamentalist? my answer...wats does it matter? live or die, kill or be killed, i guess we will never know. so why worry about it?

Side: Changez Dies