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Who do the Republicans support in the war in Ukraine?? Truly, I DON'T know.


IF the Republicans take over the house, will they vote to suspend aid to Ukraine, and let Putin WIN?  You Trumpists want that, amirite?



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I don't support anyone. Both countries are corrupt beyond measure. Let em fight it out. inUkraine

Secondly, nothing you hear in the media isn't spun, twisted or a full blown lie on anything else, so it's safe to say anything you hear on Russia and Ukraine is a blatant lie as well.

Thirdly, isn't it bewildering how you think Ukraine has a right to break away from Russia but Texas talks about leaving the US, and you want to do exactly what Putin has done as retribution? Might as well accept it now old man. You're a piece of nimby shit.

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In the US we now have censorship, the taking over of cities, arresting people for no mask, forced vaccines to work and an FBI that acts like the KGB, so what's the difference at this point? We're them.

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Norwich(735) Disputed
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Oh but there is a big difference.

You can openly and freely voice your concerns about the F.B.I., and other supposedly non-partisan law enforcement agencies being controlled and taking orders from the radical left-wingers of this Democrat regime here on a debating forum.

Try that in in any of the totalitarian states such as Russia or China and count the minutes before there's a knock on the door.

The unacceptable trends your concerns highlight are well founded and accurate but can be confronted with political might at the ballot box.

The Democrat woks and radical leftists must be ousted at the next election and their disastrous policies reversed with critical urgency.

Although BIDEN THE IMBECILE and his puppeteers have the Nation ON THE BRINK we must allow the democratic process to run its course.

In the meantime we can, under our breathe, curse the 81 million shitheads who voted the King of Shitheads into power.

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