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imrigone(761) pic

Who do you want to see?

When I first got here, the only regular users who appeared to use pictures of themselves as their avatar were iamdavidh and thewayitis. At some point, joe started putting up youtube videos that featured him, so we know what he looks like. Revently, silaswash and saurbaby revealed their appearence to us, and we have some new users, such as ismalia and mecca who seem to be using pictures of themselves.

So, who do you want to see, if anyone?

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I'd like to sit down with Terminator, Joe, Silaswash, Conro, and Zombee, and have pizza or something where one could stuff their face be them too nervous to form sentences, or get too pised at one another from rabid arguing.

Akulakhan(2985) Clarified
2 points

And of course the ever genial and kind Imrigone! And we'll bill it under Andy's tab!

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No one in particular actually... I'm not that curious, and I know no one was that curious to see me either, this type of site doesn't have any reasoning to, and that's fine.

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I want to see any hot girls and any males with a deformity. That's about it. Besides that I don't care. I disagree with saurbaby, if she's hot she should show her picture... unless that is her picture and she's a cartoon, in which case weird but cool.

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Lol, I've already posted my picture on here X) As he mentioned in the description.

I so wish the cartoon was me. Though if I were a cartoon Jessica Rabbit would definitely be considered as who I'd want to be.

imrigone(761) Disputed
1 point

Dude, where have you been?!? She showed herself to us. And...she is not as I pictured, but she is a cutie.....

Saurbaby(5579) Clarified
1 point

Lol, what were you picturing? And should I take it as an insult that it wasn't what you were expecting ;)

I need to know if Joecavalry actually is muttley... it would explain a lot about his debates.

i want to discuss with ChuckHades in real life so badly. And can you link where Silaswash showed himself please?

1 point

well, I just checked the debate where he put up the picture, and the picture is gone. However, here's one with a video of him: What_Do_You_All_Think_About_Me_On_This_Video

Thank you. btw I have many empty debates, care to fill them in?