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 Who else wants to help fill out CD's Wiki? (5)

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Who else wants to help fill out CD's Wiki?

I'll help if you'll help. 


Once a week I'll add another User from CD to our Wiki page, if animedude will allow me too :)


I'd like to do this with everyone though, I'll post a debate once a week with a users name, you tell me what we should put about them on Wiki.

What do you think? If this goes well, then we can do other things on Wiki too. :) 

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here is a first pass at some things to mention:

Owned & Moderated by Andrew Dondlinger @addltd

Up and running since early 2008 (Private Beta Launch on February 20, 2008; public beta April 28th, 2008)


For/Against Debates:

Two sides - all members can offer arguments, respond to arguments, and up-vote/down-vote arguments.

Perspective Debates:

Because sometimes there are more than two sides to an argument/discussion.

Challenge Debates:

One on One debate; You can challenge a specific user or leave as an open challenge for someone to accept.

Debate Communities:

Have a classroom or an organization that wants to debate certain topics, create a debate community.


Want a way to show support for an idea (or apparently advertise cialis and payday loans)?

Here's a video on how to get started

Spotlight series:

Where people can talk about the highlights or lowlights they have had with members that have been around for a while (have over 1,000 points).

First in the series

Snappy Awards: (named after 'Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions Series' by Al Jaffee at Mad Magazine.)

Users determine the categories and vote for the winners. Think you are the funniest, pithiest, or the most persuasive - you may just win a t-shirt.

2014 Results

Other things to mention:

Members can send messages to other members.

Members can designate other members as enemies or allies.

Debate creator can ban members from a specific debate.

Points accumulate when a member creates a debate, posts an argument, or when their arguments get up-voted.

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I don't much care for the idea of adding us all on there, as it's not meant to be a sort of social media tool. It should be minimal and cover the history and events of the site, including the change of ownership, immediate reception, what have you. Honestly I'd consult Addltd for the specifics.

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By the way, there are two Wikias for CD, which one is the one we are working on?

Right now I've got the time, but not the interest. Perhaps some day that will change. I appreciate the enthusiasm and initiative you and animedude have for the project though.

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Hell, I'm not too active these days. but any excuse for me to publicly "narcacise" myself.. hells yeah. I've caused a stir or two of significant magnitude in the past.. I should have some honourable mention ;)