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 Who got cheated out of the Big Dance? (7)

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Who got cheated out of the Big Dance?

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Definitely feeling the VA Tech snub being from this area. The Hokies came in 4th in the ACC and almost beat #1 seed UNC in the semifinals.
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VT definitely deserved to go. When's the last time the ACC sent only 4 teams to the tournament while the Big East gets 8? Georgia also got screwed having to play 4 games in 3 days and getting the early slot on Thursday against X with the shortest rest time. Come on a little love for the Bulldogs....
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The Maryland Terps got the shaft on the tournament, they definitely should have been in the Big Dance.
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The Terps? The Terps blew it time and time again this season man. Let me guess, you went to MD.
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The SunDevils got screwed....
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This debate should be called: Who is the sorest loser?