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Who has the most white privilege on this site


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Hey, where can I get me some of that white privilege stuff ;)

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I am not aware of AlofRI's situation but from what I've heard Burritolunch didn't grow up with much white privilege. I am going to hazard a guess that Al was more privileged.

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Miocene(707) Clarified
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That may or may not be true, but firstly we need to establish exactly what white privilege is.

Please elaborate without referring to professor Google.

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AlofRI(3287) Clarified
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Nah, Anger .... I had a nasty stepfather. My privileges were mostly black and blue. He was also a racist, I tried not to learn anything from him. Especially "white privilege".

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BigTrain(106) Disputed
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I tried not to learn anything from him. Especially "white privilege".

You don't learn white privilege. You have it automatically just by being white. And since you have it, you need to step aside and let others speak to show you are genuine about hating yourself.

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BurritoLunch(6607) Clarified
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WHAT?? Bronto is seven years younger than TRUMP?? But, but ... he seems to put sentences together BETTER than Trump! (Not very NICE ones, but at least coherent!) Oh, you said MENTAL age ... still ....... Trump's mental age IS about 14. If Bronto is as bad at 14 as Trump is, he couldn't possibly do as much damage AS Rump unless we're stupid enough to elect ANOTHER terrible ... occupier-of-the-White-House. NAH ... The U.S. COULDN'T be THAT stupid, could we?? ;-)

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Thanks so much for this information. I have to let you know I concur on several of the points you make here and others may require some further review, but I can see your viewpoint driving directions mapquest

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