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Lefties hating righty's Righty's hating lefties
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Who hates who the most? The libs hating right wingers, or right wingers hating the libs?


If this website were any indication, the righty's hate the lefties WAYY more..  Yes, sometimes I lose my decorum.  The righty's, however, have no decorum to lose.. 


Lefties hating righty's

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Righty's hating lefties

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The left has the most hateful, bigoted and racist people around. Look at how they act when someone has an opinion they disagree with. Look at how they react to Black conservatives. The bigotry, hatred and racism really comes out for them. Larry Elders, former gubernatorial candidate for California, was harassed, tailed and accosted by a woman in a monkey mask, yet nary a word about it in the MSM. There are plenty of other examples with BLM, Al Sharpton, Jessie Jackson, Luis Farrakhan et. al. All are racists and ALL are embraced by the Democratic Party.

That was easy. Give me something difficult to answer.

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I honestly think they both hate each other NEARLY the same but Righties tend to be worse. They embrace extremism faster and have...just....I's God awful the hypocrisy they spew every damn day. And the constant posting of misinformation, half-truths, and down right lies is astounding.

Lefties are bad but Righties (more specifically Trumpers) have gone above and beyond the call of lunacy.

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What the first dude said was extremely biased. I personally believe that anyone who riots and invades political buildings and commits hate crimes are bigots, but that’s just me. Lefties of course hate righties because of their absolute stupidity and blindness when following a leader. Its hard to win an argument against a smart person, but impossible to win one against a dumb person. The righties just can’t get past their own stupidity, and take it out on us as they riot against their own candidates.

Side: Righty's hating lefties