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Nazi answer. I do NOT!
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Who here supports eugenics forced sterilization, for ANY reason?!

Nazi answer.

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I do NOT!

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Forced sterilization will lead to fewer abortions ;)

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You sexy ass dude! I love how you think........................................................

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You just have to look for the bright side in things ;)

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You know who you are, you sick freak. Someone on this site who shall not be named support the forced sterilization of illegals. Just build the fucking wall, and stop espousing Nazi ideals!

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countrygurl(72) Disputed
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I can't be a Nazi, because Nazis are socialists and I am a libertarian. Think about it like this, if a dirty mexican came into YOUR home with the intention to rape you, wouldn't you have the right to cut off his balls? America is our home and illegals are raping our fellow Americans.

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Bootstrap(229) Disputed
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Nazis are socialists

They were fascists you absolutely stupid retard. The only people who ever claimed the Nazis were socialists were the fucking Nazis.

Why don't you just shut your stupid mouth? Give us all a welcome break.

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