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 Who is NASCAR's most annoying driver? (2)

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Who is NASCAR's most annoying driver?

Who ticks the most people off in racing?
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I would have to say Kyle Busch. He wrecks anybody even his temamates and hates when anybody they do it to him. He never apologises to them and acts like he is a hot shot. That is why I find him the most annoying driver in NASCAR.

Side: Kyle Busch ii a jerk
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Dale Earnheart Jr. is a total A hole especially after the stunt he pulled on the Indy 500. Causing a wreck that was totally avoidable and obvious but was it avoided? No it wasn't Dale endangered the lives of his fellow drivers by trying to win with brute force.

Side: Dale Jr
TheGr8Debate(71) Clarified
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Dale Jr never raced in the Indy 500. I hope you mean the brickyard 500

Side: Dale Jr