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Who is a bigger wanker? Antrim or Dermot?


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I see you’re back to banning and downvoting as you flee from “ defending “ your gibberish, your last resort as usual is this childish nonsense .

Tell me from two of your all time hero’s which one too you is the bigggest wanker ? Cult leader and con man Fresco or racist , rapist Karl ( rapist ) Marx ?

Jacques Fresco

Want to know how a moneyless society would function? Buy a 24 minute video for $20. Get the book "The Best That Money Can't Buy" for only $24.95. How about a mini-poster for just $100 ?

It seems to me like a hightech version of the old scam "Your money is cursed. To lift that curse, send it to me."😂😂😂😂😂😂

Karl Marx

Stock market investor , lover of fine wines , women and cigars yet a friend of the worker 😂😂😂😂😂

Marx also hated blacks and called them “niggers “ detested , Mexicans and Jews ( bit like you really )

Marx raped his maid and drove his two kids to suicide .......

No wonder you’re barking mad 👉🐕🙀

Side: Dermot