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Who is better in relationships?


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I honestly don't want to pick, I think - generally speaking - both have their faults.

Generally I think women expect more than they probably should. You can't expect another person to act a certain way, and then get mad when they don't act according to your expectations.

Generally I also think a lot of men are not emotionally healthy enough to be in relationships at all. If you can't talk about your feelings, if you can't cry with somebody, if you can't be intimate on that kind of emotional level, in my opinion you're simply not mature for a serious and healthy relationship.

HOWEVER, these are really drastic generalizations. I don't believe all men or women have those faults, and there are also men with too high expectations as well as women who can't express their emotions.

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I think transgender, bi-sexual, multigender, non-gender tri-sexuals have the best relationships of all.

But don't take my word for it.

I mean, just ask Nom.

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Honestly, I think every relationship is asymmetrical. One of the two are bound to be less in love than the other, less loyal than the other, just less committed. it's impossible to be completely equal on that matter.

And I don't believe there is a tendency for that role to be either the woman or the man.

I also think the fact that there are gay divorces, heartbreaks and all that sort of proves that we face difficulties in our relationships because of personality clashes, not because of gender clashes.

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