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 Who is sexually active on CD? (6)

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Who is sexually active on CD?

Not Hellno.

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Hellno(17759) Banned
2 points

Well... well all know you aren't! Unless you count you holding your own dick in your hand....

2 points

Not me.

1 point

Not me. ;)

-1 points

Chuz and LittleMisfit do it all the time. ;)

Hellno(17759) Disputed Banned
2 points

How do you know that? You like to watch?

LittleMisfit(1749) Disputed Banned
2 points

First you say it's Andy, then you say it's Chuz. You sure seem to fantasize about me with other guys a lot. Next time you find yourself starting to fantasize about me why don't you look at this instead