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Who is the NBA 2018 MVP?

Lebron "The King" James

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James "The Beard" Harden

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I say Lebron James due to the fact that he could easily average 30 points but at his age of 33 in his 15th season he is averaging 27.7 points (-3.0), 9.2 assist (+0.4), and 8.7 rebounds (+3.3). He is practically averaging a triple-double. That is ridiculous to do in your 15th season, Lebron has also made history with the most made 2-point shots in history with 15.5 per game, the only other player that has done something close was Amar's Stoudemire with 13.2 per game. If you really want to get to details here's both of their overall stats in which I'll put up on the end of the season.

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I think LaBron should be MVP cause he has IQ never gives up also he a team player never selfish and never give up and he team player but still get ways to score his self and he call a king for many reason i think he a good and aggressive player.

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James Harden. James had a better career but not a better year.

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Kwai Leonald . lebron james will be straggling teammate and Lakers staff ,Lebron is king but his decision that move to Lakers is not good .I imagine Lakers going to bottom of west ,because other player is not fit king james .other hand Kwai will become a MVP player as a new Toronto star player . He able to record 28 point average 8 assist 8 rebound additionally he red Toronto top of east team .They will beat Boston

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